Muscat Capital provides Equity Research Services to its clients that provide critical market intelligence and thorough financial analysis to support informed investment decisions.


We at Muscat Capital believe that fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of investing in stocks and which we know can be overwhelming to investors. As such, our team of research analysts compile company research reports which are based on comprehensive analysis of filed financial statements and footnotes, and using various international standards’ valuation techniques. Our goal from providing research reports to our clients is to assist them in understanding the true intrinsic value of a stock and be able to potentially capitalize on market opportunities.


Our research aims to provide timely, in-depth analysis of companies, sectors, capital markets and macro-economies to assess the investment outlook in equities. Our research team collects and analyzes financial information to make recommendations on specific stocks after building financial models, examining sectors and communicating with investors. Our Equity Research keeps thus us ahead of the curve. Further, our research team provides in-depth insights that assist our clients with investment decisions in the Saudi Market.


Our research offering is not only limited to in-house research, as we are happy to accommodate specific coverage & customized requests from our institutional clients on listed companies or sectors in Saudi Arabia or the GCC. All our research reports are produced after extensive interactions with companies’ management teams and on-site visits. Our research reports are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis, where we incorporate all recent developments that are essential for the investment decisions of our clients.