We believe in the Muscat Capital company that the future lies in our ability to design solutions that fit the individual needs of our customers. The administrative our structure ensures the availability of knowledge and the capability and the resources we have to meet the meet the needs of our customers locally and in any area in which the client can service.

And our funds cover a wide range of products that offer investment opportunities in the stock through the IPO and capital markets and bond fund through the Muscat Securities fund to finance trade and strategies varied and wide and a regional or sectoral focus.

In addition to the selected range of investment funds, the Muscat Securities Company also provides discretionary portfolio management services to individual customers, companies and institutions in the local and international markets. And manages these portfolios specializing in the investment management team with scientific qualifications and experience high process.

We provide a comprehensive range of investment solutions including domestic and international investment opportunities across asset classes and through investment funds and discretionary portfolio management services


We are also happy to serve our customers through:


Mutual Funds


Our vast experience tells us that every individual investor's needs are different

Discretionary Portfolio Management


Muscat Capital offers tailor made Discretionary Portfolio Management account which has the full...