Our vast experience tells us that every investor's needs are different, so we at Muscat Capital offer clients to invest in our public and private investment funds based on their own goals, risk profiles and investment objectives. Our investment funds include a range of securities to choose from according to the criteria and investment objectives disclosed by each fund.

Our range of investment funds provides clients with the benefits of diversification, which lower the overall risk level of a particular investment. Further, our public and private funds allow investors to profit from any potential capital gains or profits resulting from improvement or change in the underlying securities, as well as dividend distributions. All our funds are offered in accordance to the Investment Funds Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in Saudi Arabia.

Below are the public and private investment funds that are currently offered by Muscat Capital:

Public Funds

Muscat Capital offers two (2) Public Funds to its clients in Saudi Arabia that allow investors to diversify their portfolios in a lower risk and cost-effective method. Our public funds offer investments in a variety of diversified instruments including listed securities & Fixed Income Instruments based on client risk appetite and investment needs. All our public Funds are offered as Shariah Compliant structures.


Private Funds

Muscat Capital has a commendable track record in successfully launching and exiting private real estate funds and currently manages three (3) Real Estate Funds, one of which is listed as a REIT on the Tadawul Exchange. The Private Fund’s which have been successfully launched are listed below.