Asset Management Capabilities

Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products and functions across asset classes and investment styles. The division manages Local, regional & global portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles for governments, institutions, corporations and individuals.


  • global, regional and local investment solutions across Fixed Income and Equities and structured products which are Shariah Compliant
  • discretionary portfolio management services
  • products tailored for specific risk profile and returns expectations
  • strong client relationship and servicing
  • robust investment process driven by research
  • bouquet of investment products
    • Al Masha’ar REIT
    • Muscat Capital Money Market Fund
    • Muscat Capital GCC Dividend Growth Fund
    • Al Qasr Fund (Private)
    • Riyadh Real Estate Fund (Private)
    • Access to the Indian Market through compliant investment vehicles
    • Private Placements
    • Emerging market investments


  • Being an Original Thought Leader: We offer clients proprietary research and local and regional markets’ insights in an ever-changing macro environment. Here, our AMD experts always keep track of relevant local, regional and global trends.
  • Acting as an Advisor & Asset Manager: We provide our clients with customized and innovative solutions that address their distinct financial needs and we manage assets and funds in the majority of asset classes in Saudi Arabia.
  • Being an Innovator: We design investment products to express new ideas and structure portfolios that seek to capitalize on market inefficiencies to help clients meet their goals.
  • Acting as a Fiduciary: We identify exceptional market opportunities and invest on behalf of our individual and institutional clients within an appropriate risk and analytical framework.